It's Your Turn to be Part of a Startup!

And not just for a single startup, you will be part of all subsequent startups tokenized on the Domino Protocol Platform. For every $1 Dollar spent on the Domino Protocol website, you will get 1 Share of all new tokens created on our platform.

Therefore, the Domino Effect on the DOMI token pre-sale will not just stop at the end of Phase 6, It will be an endless domino of tokens falling one over the other. This Domino Effect will continue on and on into perpetuity.

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Deflationary DOMI Token

At the end of phase 6, 100% of all domain purchases will be burned. This produce scarcity and drives up DOMI value.

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Domino Blockchain Domains

The .dom extension will represent a new class of assets that belong to the owner, and not to a 3rd party or central authority.

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Token Creator

You will not only deploy an ERC-20 Smart Contract, you will also gain an already built Community! No coding required.

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A Decentralized, Secure, and Resilient Internet is Coming.

Today, content is censored all over the web. To ensure that the content on your site cannot be removed in a censorship-riddled environment, you must host everything on your site on IPFS. This peer-to-peer file system supports the idea of decentralization and ensures that websites with Domino Protocol (.dom) Domains cannot be censored.


DOMI Token Overview

  • 1 Million P1 X64
  • 1 Million P2 X32
  • 1 Million P3 X16
  • 1 Million P4 X8
  • 1 Million P5 X4
  • 1 Million P6 X2
  • 2.5 Million UniSwap
Pre-Sale Start March 22, 2021 - 12:00 UTC
Token Name Domino Protocol Token
Token Symbol DOMI
Total Supply 135,000,000 DOMI (Deflationary)
Decimals 18
Project Protocol ERC-20 >>> View Contract
Domino Effect Matrix >>> View full Matrix
Tokens Distribution >>> View Pie Chart


An Endless Domino of Tokens Falling One Over the Other

This is the most lucrative token pre-sale on record ever produced, where DOMI tokens can be acquired on six different phases – all of which represent a great deal.

  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 1 Get 63,000 Bonus (X64)
  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 2 Get 31,000 Bonus (X32)
  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 3 Get 15,000 Bonus (X16)
  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 4 Get 7000 Bonus (X8)
  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 5 Get 3000 Bonus (X4)
  • Buy 1000 DOMI at Phase 6 Get 1000 Bonus (X2)
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The Team

Domino Protocol started with a team of 3 and will continue growing with mainly top engineers with backgrounds in computer science, Al, database, blockchain, encryption, security, networking and more. Some team members are anonymous because they are located in Countries/States/Provinces that have a less-than-friendly attitude towards cryptocurrency and/or decentralization.

Laird Martin Dufresne

Lead Developer

Daniel Dunn

Sr Developer

Sophie B.

Graphic Designer

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1 How to participate in the DOMI token sale?

If you don't have an account, sign up for one today. Once you log in, you'll be taken directly to the dashboard where you can buy DOMI in just a few clicks.

2 What type of currencies will be accepted?

BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH will be accepted before the end of Phase 6. After Phase 6, only DOMI Tokens will be accepted for all services on the platform.

3 What is an ERC20 Token?

An ERC20 token is a cryptocurrency token which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It's also a smart contract that perform functions on the Ethereum platform.

4 When will the DOMI Token be listed on exchanges?

We will start to add liquidity to UniSwap at the end of Phase 6. We expect the DOMI token to be listed within 60-90 days of public sale completion. Furthermore, we will share the names of the exchanges after the token sale is over.

5 What if I only have an exchange Ethereum (ETH) wallet?

You should never store cryptocurrencies on an exchange. Exchanges should be used only as a temporary storage solution for times when you need to sell your coins or make a trade. If you are just getting started with cryptocurrency, consider creating your own wallet using MyEtherWallet . You can do this at

To receive DOMI tokens, you will need to have a fully ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet, like, Metamask, Coinomi, Exodus.

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